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Girls in Physics

last modified Feb 23, 2016 10:24 AM
PhD students Cloudy and Laura talk about their research at a 'Girls in Physics' event for secondary schools in North London.

Girls from across six north London schools gathered in Highgate last month to hear young female physicists share their experiences of scientific research.


Laura Brooks and Cloudy Carnegie from the NanoPhotonics Centre, and Katie Clough from Kings College London, were invited to speak at the event, which sought to address girls' under-representation in Physics at A-level and beyond.


"Physics always fascinated me" explains Laura, "But at school it was very hard to imagine I could ever succeed in it, since I didn't know any older girls who had chosen to study it past GCSE. Looking back now, I'm very glad I took the risk! Events like this one give girls an opportunity to find out first-hand what it is really like to study Physics. My hope is that they are inspired by the cutting-edge research that young women are doing, and feel ever more confident that they too can be a part of it."


Cloudy and Laura are both members of the Cavendish Inspiring Women network (CiW), which aims to raise the visibility of women in Physics. For more information, please visit

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