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Shell Churchill Prize awarded to Jan Mertens

Research prize for the title Graphene based plasmonic nano-optical capacitors

Shell Churchill Prize awarded to Jan Mertens - Read More…

Looking for a new postdoc

Searching for an experimental postdoc deadline 6th Nov

Looking for a new postdoc - Read More…

Jan Mertens wins prize

Jan Mertens wins best presentation prize at the conference "Frontiers in Nanophotonics" in Ascona, Switzerland, awarded by the "Congressi Stefano Franscini (CSF)".

Jan Mertens wins prize - Read More…

Understanding background photoluminescence

NanoPhotonics researchers publish a paper that helps to a better understanding of continuous background photoluminescence in the field of Raman SERS research.

Understanding background photoluminescence - Read More…

Nano Valentine

Nano Valentine

Accidentally heart-shaped defect in an array of interference lithography nano-pillars

Nano Valentine - Read More…

NanoPhotonics PhD wins prize

Anna Lombardi has been awarded The Young Researchers Award for her thesis work, entitled "Linear and ultrafast response of individual multi-material nanoparticles."

NanoPhotonics PhD wins prize - Read More…

We are recruiting!

Looking for PhD students. Starting in 2015, funded, contact us if interested.

We are recruiting! - Read More…


The American Physical Society honoured Giuliana Di Martino, who recently joined us from Imperial College London, as the Woman Physicist of the Month for November.

Giuliana - Read More…

Looking for new postdocs

Searching for two experimental postdocs deadline 8th Sept

Looking for new postdocs - Read More…

Watching molecules ‘dance’ in real time

A new technique which traps light at the nanoscale to enable real-time monitoring of individual molecules bending and flexing may aid in our understanding of how changes within a cell can lead to diseases such as cancer.

Watching molecules ‘dance’ in real time - Read More…

Building ‘invisible’ materials with light

A new technique which uses light like a needle to thread long chains of particles could help bring sci-fi concepts such as cloaking devices one step closer to reality.

Building ‘invisible’ materials with light - Read More…

Royal Society Medallist

Professor Jeremy Baumberg FRS was awarded the Rumford Medal in 2014 for his outstanding creativity in nanophotonics.

Royal Society Medallist - Read More…

Trapping the light fantastic

Online article discusses the development of a ‘nanobarrel’ that traps and concentrates light onto single molecules.

Trapping the light fantastic - Read More…

Why do opals sparkle?

Our researchers demonstrate the nano physics that gives an opal its brilliant colour.

Why do opals sparkle? - Read More…

Nanophotonics on BBC Radio 5

Nanophotonics on BBC Radio 5

Our recent appearance on "The Naked Scientists" will be broadcast on BBC Radio 5 later this week.

Nanophotonics on BBC Radio 5 - Read More…

A Pint of Science?

A Pint of Science?

NP member Richard Bowman speaks at the Pint of Science festival 2014.

A Pint of Science? - Read More…

Chariots of Fire 2013

Chariots of Fire 2013

Once again we've been running in Cambridge's Chariots of Fire race.

Chariots of Fire 2013 - Read More…

Wired run story on polymer opals

Wired run story on polymer opals

News piece in Wired about out recent printable polymer opals; see

Wired run story on polymer opals - Read More…

Our work on the front cover of Advanced Materials

Our work on the front cover of Advanced Materials

"Chirality and Chiroptical Effects in Plasmonic Nanostructures: Fundamentals, Recent Progress, and Outlook" by V. K. Valev, J. J. Baumberg, C. Sibilia and T. Verbiest

Our work on the front cover of Advanced Materials - Read More…

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Jeremy awarded PICOFORCE ERC Grant

Apr 21, 2020

PICOFORCE ERC Grant awarded to Nanophotonics Centre

Colour-changing artificial ‘chameleon skin’ powered by nanomachines

Aug 22, 2019

Sean Cormier and Dr Andrew Salmon explain their new colour changing technology based on polymer-coated nanoparticles, as published in Advanced Optical Materials.

Demelza, an Inspirational Scientist

Jul 17, 2019

Demelza Wright (PhD student) is featured in the Cambridge University press Inspirational Scientist video series

Nanoscience Remixed

May 21, 2019

Jeremy makes his debut on the synth/spoken word scene, with help from artist John Hodgson

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