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Colin Edwards



I am the Computer Officer for the NP group, spending 75 % of my time supporting NanoPhotonics and 25% supporting other groups within Cavendish Labs for the Pool. I can generally be found in Kapitza 9 (on the ground floor).

My computing tasks are prioritised by myself and by agreement with Jeremy Baumberg and the pool.

Employment History

Before working as a computing professional within the University of Cambridge I have had careers within the electrical industry as a designer / project manager of electrical installations. I moved to technical sales within the electrical sector and became involved with lighting design for a while. I took a degree in computing after this period and have worked for the University Library, Physiology and Trinity College in computing support. An opportunity arose to work for several small departments with the University of Cambridge as a consultant instead of as an employee. In this time I worked for Lucy Cavendish College, Ridley Hall, the Brain Repair Centre, the Botanic Gardens, International Studies, Latin American Studies and Development Studies. I can say therefore that I have a pretty good idea of how the University works!

In June 2009 I met Jeremy Baumberg and I have been in Nanophotonics and the Cavendish Labs since.

I generally design and support Windows based server system architecture and look after a variety of server kit, including a SAN which I sourced from Nexsan. The students in the Nanophotonics group are given tablets to use as lab books and we are for the most part a paperless environment.

Recent projects have included migrating our website to Falcon from a wordpress cms. I have also created a MS SQL database system for the group to track its assets, the lab kit, which has a tendency to wander around the lab from time to time. One of the elements in the design was to be able to create a very small barcode label that could be attached to equipment so that it could be easily traced.

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