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Dr Dean Kos

Dr Dean Kos

Research Associate

Key Publications

Kos, D., Di Martino, G., Boehmke, A. et al. Optical probes of molecules as nano-mechanical switches. Nature Communications 11, 5905 (2020).

Di Martino, G., Demetriadou, A., Li, W., Kos, D. et al. Real-time in situ optical tracking of oxygen vacancy migration in memristors. Nature Electronics 3, 687–693 (2020).

Kos, D., Astier, H. P. A. G., Di Martino, G., Mertens, J., Ohadi, H., De. Fazio, D., Yoon, D., Zhao, Z., Kuhn, A., Ferrari, A. C., Ford, C. J. B., Baumberg, J. J., Electrically Controlled Nano and Micro Actuation in Memristive Switching Devices with On‐Chip Gas Encapsulation, Small 2018, 14, 1801599.

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