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Key publications: 

Dr Hamid Ohadi is a senior postdoctoral fellow in the NanoPhotonics Centre with an extensive background in atomic and polaritonic coherent systems. In his PhD in atomic physics at Imperial College London, he worked on quantum information processing with trapped ions in magnetic fields. For his postdoctoral research in Cambridge he has been pioneering spin interactions in coherent polaritonic systems1-6.

[1] PRL, 119, 067401 (2017); Spin Order and Phase Transitions in Chains of Polariton Condensates, H. Ohadi, ...

[2] Nature Mat., 15, 1074 (2016); A sub-femtojoule electrical spin-switch based on optically trapped polariton condensates, ..., H. Ohadi, ...

[3] PRL, 116, 106403 (2016); Tunable Magnetic Alignment between Trapped Exciton-Polariton CondensatesH.Ohadi, ...

[4] PRX, 5, 031002 (2015); Spontaneous spin bifurcations ... in a spinor exciton polariton condensateH. Ohadi, ...

[5] PRL, 109, 036404 (2012); Nonlinear Optical Spin Hall Effect and Long-Range Spin Transport, …, H. Ohadi, …

[6] PRL, 109, 016404 (2012); Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in a Polariton and Photon Laser, H. Ohadi, …


For the full list of publications see my Google Scholar page.

Dr Hamid  Ohadi

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Latest news

Sara Rocchetti - Best poster at Chemical and NanoScience symposium

17 May 2023

Sara Rocchetti won the best poster award at the 10th Chemical and NanoScience symposium Newcastle (CNSN-X) with her work on DNA origami and nanophotonics. Well done!

EPSRC programme grant for Ubiquitous Optical Healthcare Technologies (UbOHT)

5 May 2023

An £8.6M EPSRC programme grant on Ubiquitous Optical Healthcare Technologies (UbOHT) has been awarded to Jeremy Baumberg along with other researchers from Cambridge, York, Strathclyde and Exeter, with the aim to build new types of low-cost biosensor to help with the monitoring, prevention and management of diseases. Read...

Top cited paper in Journal of Raman Spectroscopy

24 February 2023

The paper Eliminating irreproducibility in SERS substrates has been named top cited paper in the Journal of Raman Spectroscopy!!