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Dr Hyeon-Ho Jeong

Key Publications

  1. H.-H. Jeong, M. Alarcón-Correa, A.G. Mark, K. Son, T.-C. Lee, and P. Fischer, “Corrosion-protected hybrid nanoparticles”, Advanced Science 4, 1700234 (2017)- Cover article Link
  2. H.-H. Jeong, A.G. Mark, M. Alarcón-Correa, I. Kim, P. Oswald, T.-C. Lee, and P. Fischer. “Dispersion and shape engineered plasmonic nanosensors”, Nature Communications 7, 11331 (2016) Link
  3. H.-H. Jeong, A.G. Mark, T.-C. Lee, M. Alarcón-Correa, S. Eslami, T. Qiu, J.G. Gibbs, and P. Fischer, “Active nanorheology with plasmonics”, Nano Letters 16, 4887 (2016) Link
  4. H.-H. Jeong, A.G. Mark, T.-C. Lee, K. Son, W. Chen, M. Alarcón-Correa, I. Kim, G. Schütz, and P. Fischer, “Selectable nanopattern arrays for nanolithographic imprint and etch-mask applications”, Advanced Science 2, 1500016 (2015) - Cover article Link
  5. H.-H. Jeong, N. Erdene, J.-H. Park, D.H. Jeong, H.-Y. Lee, and S.-K. Lee, “Real-time label-free immunoassay of interferon-gamma and prostate-specific antigen using fiber-optic localized surface plasmon resonance sensor”, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 39, 346 (2013) Link

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