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NanoPhotonics Centre



Key publications: 
  1. HH Jeong†, MC Adams, JP Günther, M Alarcón-Correa, I Kim, E Choi, C Miksch, AF Mark, AG Mark, P Fischer. Arrays of plasmonic nanoparticle dimers with defined nanogap spacers. ACS Nano 13, 11453 (2019).
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  4. Z Wu, J Troll, HH Jeong, Q Wei, M Stang, F Ziemssen, S Schnichels, T Qiu, P Fischer. A swarm of slippery micropropellers penetrates the vitreous body of the eye. Science Advances 4, eeat4388 (2018).
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  11. D Walker, B Käsdorf, HH Jeong, O Lieleg, P Fischer. Enzymatically active biomimetic micro-propellers for the penetration of mucin gels. Science Advances 1, e1500501 (2015).
Visiting Researcher, University of Cambridge, UK
Assistant Professor, GIST, South Korea
Dr. Hyeon-Ho  Jeong
Not available for consultancy


Latest news

Featured article in Nature Communications

30 November 2021

Our work on tracking the interactions between single molecules and gold atoms has been selected as Featured Article in Nature Communications. A great recognition of the hard work put in by Jack and Tamás! Article available here . single_molecule_gold_Atom.gif

Bowling November '21

29 November 2021

A nice evening out with the NanoPhotonics group. About 30 people from the NanoPhotoncis centre decided to go bowling together at the Leisure Centre. And ofcourse pub afterwards. Thanks to the organizers Sarah and Ishaan.

Royal Society University Research Fellowship: Bart de Nijs

24 November 2021

Bart de Nijs has been awarded a prestigious University Research Fellowship from the Royal Society. This will be held in the NanoPhotonics Centre where Bart will focus his research on combining the powerful optical properties of self-assembled plasmonic nanoarchitectures with molecular catalysts to develop new types of...