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Dr Hyeon-Ho Jeong

Key Publications


  1. J Peng, HH Jeong, Q Lin, S Cosmear, HL Liang, MFL De-Volder, S Vignolini, JJ Baumberg. Scalable electrochromic nano-pixels using plasmonics. Science Advances (in press).
  2. JT Collins, KR Rusimova, DC Hooper, HH Jeong, F Pradaux-Caggiano, T Verbiest, D Carbery, P Fischer, VK Valev. First observation of optical activity in hyper-Rayleigh scattering. Physics Review X 9, 011024 (2019).
  3. Z Wu, J Troll, HH Jeong, Q Wei, M Stang, F Ziemssen, S Schnichels, T Qiu, P Fischer. A swarm of slippery micropropellers penetrates the vitreous body of the eye. Science Advances 4, eeat4388 (2018).
  4. M Matuschek, DP Singh, HH Jeong, M Nesterov, T Weiss, P Fischer, F Neubrech, N Liu. Chiral plasmonic hydrogen sensors. Small 14, 1702990 (2018). Cover article
  5. HH Jeong, M Alarcón-Correa, AG Mark, K Son, TC Lee, P Fischer. Corrosion-protected hybrid nanoparticles. Advanced Science 4, 1700234 (2017). Cover article
  6. JT Kim, U Choudhury, HH Jeong, P Fischer. Nanodiamonds that swim. Advanced Materials 29, 1701024 (2017). Cover article
  7. HH Jeong, AG Mark, M Alarcón-Correa, I Kim, P Oswald, TC Lee, P Fischer. Dispersion and shape engineered plasmonic nanosensors. Nature Communications 7, 11331 (2016).
  8. HH Jeong, AG Mark, TC Lee, M Alarcón-Correa, S Eslami, T Qiu, JG Gibbs, P Fischer. Active nanorheology with plasmonics. Nano Letters 16, 4887 (2016).
  9. HH Jeong, AG Mark, TC Lee, K Son, W Chen, M Alarcón-Correa, I Kim, G Schütz, P Fischer. Selectable nanopattern arrays for nanolithographic imprint and etch-mask applications. Advanced Science 2, 1500016 (2015). Cover article
  10. D Walker, B Käsdorf, HH Jeong, O Lieleg, P Fischer. Enzymatically active biomimetic micro-propellers for the penetration of mucin gels. Science Advances 1, e1500501 (2015).

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