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NanoPhotonics Centre


Nanophotonics group members working on plasmon chemistry/sensing.

The researchers below are working on plasmon chemistry/sensing-related projects. For more detail, see the plasmon chemistry/sensing project page.

Dr Rohit  Chikkaraddy
Title A - Research Fellow, Trinity College
Dr Bart  de Nijs
Royal Society University Research Fellow
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow
Isaac Newton Trust Early Career Fellow
Kapitza Hub General and Finance Administrator

Latest news

Press release for Angelos' Infrared Upconversion Science paper

31 May 2022

“It’s like listening to slow-rippling earthquake waves by colliding them with a violin string to get a high whistle that’s easy to hear, and without breaking the violin,” - Professor Jeremy Baumberg Read the university's press release for Angelos, Rohit and co.'s latest Science paper, Detecting mid-infrared light by...

Happy Birthday

21 March 2022

Happy birthday!! A suprise party for Jeremy with delicous vegan Cake! Thank you Sara and Marika for organising.

NanoPhotonics Christmas Party

16 December 2021

Many thanks to Chris and Jeremy for organising a very nice Christmas dinner at Jesus College. It was good to be able to see everyone again. Now we just need to figure out who gave which present to who :) Christmas_dinner_2021_2 Christmas_dinner_2021_3