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PhD/PDRA Positions

Positions available in the Nanophotonics group.

We have a range of positions available for 2016 and 2017 and suggest you contact us immediately if interested.

PhD positions: 2016 and 2017
A wide range of PhD projects are offered across the research topics of the group. A good place at the areas is to look at recent publications on our webpages. New projects start all the time.
For immediate interest is a theory project on DFT of molecules
see here
Please contact us ASAP if potentially interested.

PDRA positions: 2016
Roll-to-roll photonics and plasmonics (see
Optics and control of few molecules in plasmonics (chemistry and physics positions available)
Soft Nanophotonics: Optics of gyroidal metamaterials and structural colour in plants
Please contact us ASAP if these are of interest.

earlier projects:
Semiconductor Microcavities and Quantum Fluids (with Skolkovo)
Nano-optics on active self-assembled plasmonic aggregates

 Elect Mcav

Electrically-controlled semiconductor microcavities

(EU collaboration)

 Sphere in Void

Self-assembly at the nano scale for plasmonics

(available immediately)

Base4 Logo

base4innovation single-molecule plasmonics/nanofab

Nano Firefly

optically-controlled nanomachines

Mcav Mesa

ultrafast dynamics of semiconductor microcavities

Au DBR Rollup Square

novel Metamaterials

Stretch DBR

stretchable polymer opals


nanostructured plasmon surfaces


Nano Doctoral Training Centre



contact us for project details

PhD project information sheet

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Felix Benz wins Abdus Salam prize

Nov 29, 2016

NanoPhotonics researcher Felix Benz has been awarded the prestigious Abdus Salam prize. His work utilizes the strange properties of tiny particles of gold; light is concentrated down smaller than a single atom enabling a look at individual chemical bonds inside molecules, opening up new ways to study light and matter.

Anna Lombardi answers Naked Scientist question

Oct 27, 2016

Can light exert a force to move an object?

NanoPhotonics go bowling

Oct 26, 2016

NanoPhotonics go bowling

Faraday Discussions

Sep 26, 2016

Jeremy Baumberg guest presenter for the Faraday Discussions

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