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First authors have to bake a cake in the style of each paper. Celebrates success, and cherishes support of the rest of our team. We love our cake days, and our cake-making creativity has advanced greatly!


Sara: Amplified plasmonic forces from DNA-origami scaffolded single dyes in nanogaps


Lukas: The optomechanics of molecules with light


Niclas: Vibrational Stark Effects: Ionic Influence on Local Fields


Jeremy: "Slightly nutty professor Jeremy awarded a named chair"


Jeremy: Picocavities: a primer 

Shu: Optical suppression of energy barriers in single molecule-metal binding


Niclas: Collective Mid-Infrared Vibrations in SERS


Eoin: Fingerprinting the Hidden Facets of Plasmonic Nanocavities


David: Monolayer aggregate for sensing


Chetna: Nanowire on mirror 


Angelos: Interfering Plasmons in Coupled Nanoresonators to Boost Light Localization and SERS


Rohit: Accessing Plasmonic Hotspots Using Nanoparticle-on-Foil Constructs


Matt: Nanoscopy through a plasmonic nano-lens


Bart: THC Sensing


Andrew: Motile Artificial Chromatophores: Light-Triggered Nanoparticles for Microdroplet Locomotion and Color Change

Chromatophore cake



Junyang: Plasmon-induced optical control over dithionite-mediated chemical redox reactions


Rohit: Mapping Nanoscale Hotspots with Single-Molecule Emitters Assembled into Plasmonic Nanocavities Using DNA Origami


Hsin-Ling and Mélanie: Roll-to-roll fabrication of touch-responsive cellulose photonic laminates

Phillip: Excitation of higher-order modes in holey fibre

Bart: Unfolding the content of sub-nm plasmonic gaps (in NanoParticle on Mirror geometry)

Bart: Plasmonic tunnel junctions for single-molecule redox chemistry

Marlous - Writing with raspberry-shaped colloids

Jeremy: hot-electrons grow polymers in nanogaps

Marie-Elena: Plasmonic strong coupling with WSe2

Sean: Actuating nanoparticle-on mirror goes up and down with light

Laura: deformable plasmonic rings


Jeremy: propagating through life cake

Cloudy: SERS of aggregates of different substrates

Marlous: Detecting methanol contamination of whiskies

Tijmen: Rapid screening of metallodrugs in photonic crystal fibre microflow reactors


Giuliana: Nanoparticles on Au immersed in an electrochemical cell

Giuliana: Hydrogen reduction in a plasmonic electrochemical cell

Giuliana: Laser reduction of Cu nanoparticles

Giuliana cake

Tijmen: Photochemistry in high-index glass 
hollow-core fibre

Tijmen cake

Felix Benz: Single-molecule optomechanics in picocavities

Alan Sanders: tips do matter

Marlous Kamp: Marie Curie success

Richard Bowman: WaterScope 2nd in PDRA business competition

Jan Mertens: Optical nano-welding

Andrew Salmon: Assembling nanoparticles in microdroplets

LiWu Zhang: NPoM on solar water splitting

Richard: Richard: One-piece 3D printed flexure for microscopy

Anna: tuneable SERS on single gold nanoparticles

Tao: actuating nano-transducers = ANTs

Tijmen: Fluorescence-based microparticle sensor

Tijmen's cake

Laura: Polarisation-selective hotspots in metallic ring stack arrays

Giuliana: Memristor with plasmonic nanofilament


Tao: Tuning nanoparticle-on-mirror plasmonics


Felix LCR: plasmonic coupling using simple circuits

Jeremy Baumberg graded mat: graded nanoparticle mats for sensors

Jan Mertens: Plasmon resonance tuning of a faceted Au nanoparticle on mirror

Jeremy Baumberg PbI4: photovoltaics from excitons in perovskites


Giuliana Di Martino: Controlling nanowire growth by light!



Hamid Ohadi: Spontaneous Spin Bifurcations and Ferromagnetic Phase Transitions in a Spinor Exciton-Polariton Condensate


TaoDing: Self-aligned plasmonic gaps from Au nanoparticles

Tao Ding: Imprint Polymer Opal Patterns and Anisotropic Hybrid Nanoparticles

imprint anistropic

Alan Sanders: Facile Fabrication of AuNP-tipped AFM Probes for Plasmonic Applications

AFM Probes for Plasmonic Applications

Ventsislav K Valev: Nonlinear superchiral meta-surfaces

Jeremy Baumberg: Grant for NanoPhotonics Centre cakes

NP Grant

Lars Herrmann: DNA Origami assembled Au NP dimers

DNA Origami assembled Au NP dimersrm


Richard Bowman: Secure screens for insecure environments


LiWu Zhang: photocatalytic opal

Andrew Salmon: micro-cantilever thickness interferometry

Jeremy Baumberg: Au/Ag nanoparticle assembly: theory and experiment

JJB caker Nov'13

Richard Bowman: deformable metamaterial

Jan Mertens: graphene in gold nanoparticle on mirror sandwich

 graphene in gold nanoparticle on mirror sandwich

Lindsey Ibbotson: roll-up log-pile metamaterials

 roll-up log-pile metamaterials

Daniel Sigle: Reproducible Deep-UV SERRS on Aluminium Nanovoids

Who baked this?

Ventsi Valev: chiral metamaterials

 chiral metamaterials

Jonathan Mar: single quantum dot spectroscopy

 single quantum dot spectroscopy

Peter Cristofolini: condensate vortex lattice in semiconductor microcavity

 condensate vortex lattice in semiconductor microcavity

Benjamin Michaelis: printable structural colour from opals

 printable structural colour from opals


Richard Taylor: Plasmonic chain modes in gold nanoparticles  glued with CBs

 Plasmonic chain modes in gold nanoparticles  glued with CBs

Cornelius Grossmann: Bendable gold strong-coupling microcavities

 Bendable gold strong-coupling microcavities

Gab Christman: Locked polariton condensates in semiconductor microcavities

 Locked polariton condensates in semiconductor microcavities

Andrew Haines: anisotropic scattering from polymer opals

 anisotropic scattering from polymer opals





Latest news

NanoPhotonics @ Femincam

29 September 2023

PhD students from the NanoPhotonics Centre have attended Femincam, a one-day conference celebrating emerging women in science and leaders in electronic materials. During the event Sara Rocchetti also presented her poster on “Amplified plasmonic forces from DNA-origami scaffolded single dyes in nanogaps”.

ICAVS flash presentations prizes awarded to Marika and Yuling!

4 September 2023

A number of group members recently attended ICAVS12 in Krakow. Congratulations to Yuling who won the prize for the best flash presentation and to Marika for winning the best flash presentation audience award!

Sara Rocchetti - Best poster at Chemical and NanoScience symposium

17 May 2023

Sara Rocchetti won the best poster award at the 10th Chemical and NanoScience symposium Newcastle (CNSN-X) with her work on DNA origami and nanophotonics. Well done!