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Jeremy: Picocavities: a primer 

Shu: Optical suppression of energy barriers in single molecule-metal binding

Niclas: Collective Mid-Infrared Vibrations in SERS

Eoin: Fingerprinting the Hidden Facets of Plasmonic Nanocavities

David: Monolayer aggregate for sensing

Chetna: Nanowire on mirror 

Angelos: Interfering Plasmons in Coupled Nanoresonators to Boost Light Localization and SERS

Rohit: Accessing Plasmonic Hotspots Using Nanoparticle-on-Foil Constructs

Matt: Nanoscopy through a plasmonic nano-lens

Bart: THC Sensing


Andrew: Motile Artificial Chromatophores: Light-Triggered Nanoparticles for Microdroplet Locomotion and Color Change

Chromatophore cake



Junyang: Plasmon-induced optical control over dithionite-mediated chemical redox reactions


Rohit: Mapping Nanoscale Hotspots with Single-Molecule Emitters Assembled into Plasmonic Nanocavities Using DNA Origami


Hsin-Ling and Mélanie: Roll-to-roll fabrication of touch-responsive cellulose photonic laminates

Phillip: Excitation of higher-order modes in holey fibre

Bart: Unfolding the content of sub-nm plasmonic gaps (in NanoParticle on Mirror geometry)

Bart: Plasmonic tunnel junctions for single-molecule redox chemistry

Marlous - Writing with raspberry-shaped colloids

Jeremy: hot-electrons grow polymers in nanogaps

Marie-Elena: Plasmonic strong coupling with WSe2

Sean: Actuating nanoparticle-on mirror goes up and down with light

Laura: deformable plasmonic rings


Jeremy: propagating through life cake

Cloudy: SERS of aggregates of different substrates

Marlous: Detecting methanol contamination of whiskies

Tijmen: Rapid screening of metallodrugs in photonic crystal fibre microflow reactors


Giuliana: Nanoparticles on Au immersed in an electrochemical cell

Giuliana: Hydrogen reduction in a plasmonic electrochemical cell

Giuliana: Laser reduction of Cu nanoparticles

Giuliana cake

Tijmen: Photochemistry in high-index glass 
hollow-core fibre

Tijmen cake

Felix Benz: Single-molecule optomechanics in picocavities

Alan Sanders: tips do matter

Marlous Kamp: Marie Curie success

Richard Bowman: WaterScope 2nd in PDRA business competition

Jan Mertens: Optical nano-welding

Andrew Salmon: Assembling nanoparticles in microdroplets

LiWu Zhang: NPoM on solar water splitting

Richard: Richard: One-piece 3D printed flexure for microscopy

Anna: tuneable SERS on single gold nanoparticles

Tao: actuating nano-transducers = ANTs

Tijmen: Fluorescence-based microparticle sensor

Tijmen's cake

Laura: Polarisation-selective hotspots in metallic ring stack arrays

Giuliana: Memristor with plasmonic nanofilament


Tao: Tuning nanoparticle-on-mirror plasmonics


Felix LCR: plasmonic coupling using simple circuits

Jeremy Baumberg graded mat: graded nanoparticle mats for sensors

Jan Mertens: Plasmon resonance tuning of a faceted Au nanoparticle on mirror

Jeremy Baumberg PbI4: photovoltaics from excitons in perovskites


Giuliana Di Martino: Controlling nanowire growth by light!



Hamid Ohadi: Spontaneous Spin Bifurcations and Ferromagnetic Phase Transitions in a Spinor Exciton-Polariton Condensate


TaoDing: Self-aligned plasmonic gaps from Au nanoparticles

Tao Ding: Imprint Polymer Opal Patterns and Anisotropic Hybrid Nanoparticles

imprint anistropic

Alan Sanders: Facile Fabrication of AuNP-tipped AFM Probes for Plasmonic Applications

AFM Probes for Plasmonic Applications

Ventsislav K Valev: Nonlinear superchiral meta-surfaces

Jeremy Baumberg: Grant for NanoPhotonics Centre cakes

NP Grant

Lars Herrmann: DNA Origami assembled Au NP dimers

DNA Origami assembled Au NP dimersrm


Richard Bowman: Secure screens for insecure environments


LiWu Zhang: photocatalytic opal

Andrew Salmon: micro-cantilever thickness interferometry

Jeremy Baumberg: Au/Ag nanoparticle assembly: theory and experiment

JJB caker Nov'13

Richard Bowman: deformable metamaterial

Jan Mertens: graphene in gold nanoparticle on mirror sandwich

 graphene in gold nanoparticle on mirror sandwich

Lindsey Ibbotson: roll-up log-pile metamaterials

 roll-up log-pile metamaterials

Daniel Sigle: Reproducible Deep-UV SERRS on Aluminium Nanovoids

Who baked this?

Ventsi Valev: chiral metamaterials

 chiral metamaterials

Jonathan Mar: single quantum dot spectroscopy

 single quantum dot spectroscopy

Peter Cristofolini: condensate vortex lattice in semiconductor microcavity

 condensate vortex lattice in semiconductor microcavity

Benjamin Michaelis: printable structural colour from opals

 printable structural colour from opals


Richard Taylor: Plasmonic chain modes in gold nanoparticles  glued with CBs

 Plasmonic chain modes in gold nanoparticles  glued with CBs

Cornelius Grossmann: Bendable gold strong-coupling microcavities

 Bendable gold strong-coupling microcavities

Gab Christman: Locked polariton condensates in semiconductor microcavities

 Locked polariton condensates in semiconductor microcavities

Andrew Haines: anisotropic scattering from polymer opals

 anisotropic scattering from polymer opals





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