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NanoPhotonics Centre



Alumni Last seen
Giorgio Baldassarri  
Ryan Balili  
Felix Benz BSG consulting
Lucien Besombes Professor, CNRS, Grenoble
Claire Blejean  
Max Bock PDRA on bamboo, Univ of Cambridge
Richard Bowman Lecturer, University of Bath
Laura Brooks  
Gabriel Christmann Base4
Peter Cristofolini  
Stavros Christopoulos Lecturer, University of Cyprus
Robin Cole Australia
Chris Coulson PA consulting
Steve Coyle ERA consulting
Richard Denk University of Graz
Tao Ding  
James Dolan JRF King's College, Science Communication
Alex Dreismann QuantumBlack/McKinsey
Petros Farah  
Antonio Fernandez Professor, University of Almeria
Chris Finlayson Lecturer, University of Aberwystwith
Nicholas Gibbons CUP
Christoph Grosse  
Cornelius Grossmann  
Alastair Grundy  
Andrew Haines  
Richard Hardy Eight19
Nadine Harris Nokia
Matthew Hawkeye Fellowship, University of Alberta, Canada
Lars Herrmann  
Fu Min Huang Lecturer, University of Belfast
James Hugall  
Lindsey Ibbotson  
Yusuke Imai Fellowship, AIST, Japan
Agnieszka Iwasiewicz-Wabnig Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge
Supriya Jaiswal XLite, USA
Matthias Kauer Sharp Labs, Oxford
Anna Lombardi Journalist at The Times
Tim Kelf PDRA, Macquarie University, Australia
Pavlos Lagoudakis Professor, University of Southampton
Niraj Lal Fellowship, Australian National University
Chee Wei Lee AStar, Singapore
Sumeet Mahajan Professor, University of Southampton
Andy Malinowski  
Lola Martin-Fenandez Fellowship, University Autonoma of Madrid
Jan Mertens Bosch
John Mills  
Caterina Netti Renishaw Diagnostics
Wendy Niu  
Becky Pennington DeLaRue
Nic Perney Aurox Ltd
Vijaya Prakash Professor, IIT Delhi
Otto Pursiainen Credit Suisse
Andrew Salmon  
Kevin Savage Detica
Pavlos Savvidis Professor, University of Heraklion, Crete
David Snoswell Schlumberger
Bruno Soares  
Christian Steuwe  
Jason Sussman  
Richard William Taylor  
Ventsislav K Valev Professor, University of Bath
Lee Weller PDRA, Dept of Engineering
Bodo Wilts Ambizione fellow at Universite de Fribourg
Liwu Zhang  
Daniel Sigle TARGUS consulting



Latest news

NanoPhotonics @ Femincam

29 September 2023

PhD students from the NanoPhotonics Centre have attended Femincam, a one-day conference celebrating emerging women in science and leaders in electronic materials. During the event Sara Rocchetti also presented her poster on “Amplified plasmonic forces from DNA-origami scaffolded single dyes in nanogaps”.

ICAVS flash presentations prizes awarded to Marika and Yuling!

4 September 2023

A number of group members recently attended ICAVS12 in Krakow. Congratulations to Yuling who won the prize for the best flash presentation and to Marika for winning the best flash presentation audience award!

Sara Rocchetti - Best poster at Chemical and NanoScience symposium

17 May 2023

Sara Rocchetti won the best poster award at the 10th Chemical and NanoScience symposium Newcastle (CNSN-X) with her work on DNA origami and nanophotonics. Well done!