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Our teams this year after finishing!

All that is gold does not glitter

Matt IOP photo competition 2013

Light waves made visible by Christams trees

Jan IOP photo competition 2013

Silver prize - SET for Britain

Silver prize - SET for Britain



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Nanoscience Remixed

May 21, 2019

Jeremy makes his debut on the synth/spoken word scene, with help from artist John Hodgson

Rohit Chikkaraddy - Reflections as a Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarship alumnus

Mar 01, 2019

Rohit shares his experience as a scholarship recipient

Cloudy video- The Making of a Scientist

Feb 08, 2019

Cloudy Carnegie (PhD student) featured in ‘The Making of a Scientist’

NanoPhotonics experimental postdoc in Molecular Optomechanics

Jan 21, 2019

Looking for a postdoc in Molecular Optomechanics

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