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A Pint of Science?

last modified Jun 09, 2014 11:19 AM
NP member Richard Bowman speaks at the Pint of Science festival 2014.
A Pint of Science?

Pint of Science logo

The "Pint of Science" festival is a rapidly-growing annual event that now covers many cities in the UK and beyond.  Taking scientists out of their labs and into pubs is its aim, where they can present their work to members of the public over a pint or two.

This session was on "Nano", and covered everything from why gold nanoparticles really look green to what the inside of a computer chip looks like.  We followed up the three talks with a discussion session on the ethics of nanotechnology, where the speakers were grilled on everything from food safety to the possibility of engineered nano-robots.  Happily, we all left the pub reassured that we have very little to fear from Nanoscience, and a great deal to gain.

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