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Main research page on the CubiHole project, using Cucurbiturils for hardwired optical and electronic self-assembly

Cucurbiturils for Hardwired Optical and Electronic Self-assembly

Cubiholes Teaser

The aim of this 4 year EU-funded project is growing Au nanoparticles in cages, to make rigid networks for optics/electronics. We have 4 partners:


University of Cambridge


NanoPhotonics Centre


Prof. Jeremy Baumberg

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University of Cambridge


Melville Polymer Lab


Prof. Oren Scherman

Melville logo


CSIC, San Sebastian


Centre for Material Science,

Spanish Council for Scientific Research


Prof. Javier Aizpurua

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University of Bordeaux


Analytical NanoDevices


Prof. Alex Kuhn

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Currently we have 10 researchers on this project, which uses pumpkin-shaped molecules called Cucurbiturils to glue together rigidly defined nanoscale networks built of small particles of Au and Ag. These new materials have novel optical and electronic properties.